10 Great Printed Portfolios

1)   http://iancurcio.com/posts/no-control-flow

Printed portfolios are really hard to find, especially online, but this one I thought was really good.

2)    http://fritzphoto.bizland.com/skeletoninthecloset/?page_id=38

This is cool. Very elegant design. Looks high-end to me.

3)   http://nubbytwiglet.com/2009/07/27/7-tips-for-creating-a-print-based-design-portfolio/

The link doesn’t show too much on the actual printed version of this portfolio, but just from this one image i can imagine how the rest of it might look.

4)   http://blog.caseytempleton.com/photography/lifestyle-portfolio/

This was is actually pretty cool and very well done. There’s even an interactive flash version of this portfolio where you can turn the pages.

5)   http://blog.noplasticsleeves.com/?p=2850

I really like the wood covers and metal bindings of this portfolio.

6)   http://blog.shepherdpics.com/2009/02/printed-portfolios.html

Really clean and simple. Definitely professional looking!

7)   http://blog.noplasticsleeves.com/?p=2312

I just happened to stumble upon this one. It’s really cool because it’s small but highlights your work.

8)   http://www.ateliermartinojana.com/

This and the final two can be found at http://www.thedesignbuzz.net/6-tips-for-creating-a-stunning-print-based-portfolio-4-amazing-examples/ but I am posting their individual host sites. This is really cool because it’s almost like a pop-up book!

9)   http://www.un.titled.co.uk/

I like this because it has an almost magazine-like layout.

10)   http://saraberks.com/

I just thought this one was very unique and an awesome piece of work in itself!


2 comments on “10 Great Printed Portfolios

  1. You should be given special award points for being “assigned” to Steven Dobbs…

  2. Excellent portfolios…

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